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Create a unique environment to improve the experience of your guest


A factor that sets you apart from the competition


Produce feelings of well-being that whet the appetite


Olfaction is our sense with a stronger link to memory. Give your business a distinctive scent that your customers will remember. In addition, scents can trigger various emotional responses, such as calming or stimulating.


Improve your visibility and create a different experience while capturing your customers and increasing your sales. You can use it to display the easily content of your brand in a highly customizable and distinctive way to make a lasting impression.


The sounds powerfully affect the client’s experience, their attitudes and behavior. It changes the moods of people, the pace of their movement and even the affinity of the brand and the selection of products. Capture the emotional power of music and put it to work for your business.

Protection against moisture

Mold is a recurring problem in humid and warm areas. Protect your infrastructure, while taking care of your customers’ impression with anti-mold sealants specially designed for high occupancy facilities such as hotels, restaurants and bars.


Neuromarketing visual en Panamá - Music and Messaging for Business in Panama
protección contra humedad en Panamá
Neuromarketing con fragancia en Panamá - scent marketing in Panama


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